1. Where do Quests begin? All Quests must start at 10 Broadway Street, Asheville NC which is our outside starting point. (In front of the AC Marriott Hotel) To correctly follow the Missions it all starts here.

  2. What ages are allowed? All Quests Rated T=Teen with Mature themes, recommended for 13+. (Under 18 allowed to Quest with accompanying Adult who sign a waiver assuming all Responsibility and Liability for the Child!)

  3. What happens in quest-ionable weather? App only Quests run 24 hours rain or shine.

    -Group and Private Quests run in all weather when booked. Ticket purchase allows 24 hours access on the same device. You can stop/start anytime within the 24 hours without losing data or can do multiple times in 24 hours. It’s up to you.

    (Asheville’s only Walking Tour that lets you do it all again FREE! WE LOVE YOU THAT MUCH).

    *If on Group or VIP Quest I provide FREE umbrellas during tour if needed.

  4. How to purchase tickets? Go to the Main page or Choose Your Quest page, and click (BOOK NOW) button to enter the online booking system. Simply choose the desired Quest and how many tickets needed.

  5. What should I bring? Smart phone up to 4 years old fully charged, charging cord, comfortable shoes (remember 2+ hour walk just over 2 miles), appropriate clothing for varying weather, some way to purchase extras along the way, and a desire for immersive adventure.

  6. How long are Quest Tours? Approximately 2 hours each, without taking extra stops.

  7. Can Quests include those with special needs? We are happy to accommodate those with extra needs any way we can. But please be aware our Quests require physical exertion, travel up steep and bumpy sidewalks, crossing busy intersections, and group Quests limit the ability to stop for breaks.

    Questions: 828-424-5915 or ashevillequests@gmail

  8. How do I use my ticket? After purchasing tickets you receive an email verification with a specific code for each ticket. Each code sent allows 24 hours access on the same device after activated. So you want to be in Asheville when you activate and using the device you plan on using for your Quest.

  9. Are animals allowed on Quests? App Quests done on your own allow any animal the City allows in the downtown area, always check with the City first to be sure.

    Group and Private Quests-only allow Service animals that have verifying information the owner can provide before starting Quest.

  10. Why are Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties not allowed on Group Quests?Apologies but experience tells us that these groups are best suited for PRIVATE QUESTS or downloading the QUEST APP to do on their own.

    *Usually the excitement of these groups creates a noise level making it hard to hear the guide. These two options mean everyone in your group is with your same level of excitement..so be free to be yo self!

  11. Is tipping the Guide acceptable? Yes, and greatly appreciated.

    This is created, owned and operated solely by a life long local supporting his incredible family (Twins). Any tips will be accepted graciously.

  12. Do we offer discounts? Yes, we offer every day discounts based on the number of tickets purchased at one time in the Booking System.

    We also offer a discount to show our Love for other Locals who use the Go Local Card. (Check their website for current discount).

    We randomly offer discounts specific to certain times of year and events. These will be advertised on our Social Media when offered.

  13. Is alcohol allowed on your Quests or on Asheville streets? Nope. Unless a specific event downtown allows on streets with proper wristband or in some cases on private vehicles.

    When doing the Quest App on your own, it is entirely up to you to stop during your Quest and what you do when stopped. Thus accepting all responsibility and liability for yourself and children in your group.

    * But it’s a walking Tour and in Asheville, so we get it if you get thirsty!

  14. How far in advance should we book? The Quest App is open to download anytime, so that is your choice.

    The Group and Private Quests will fill up quickly, so we recommend booking as far in advance as possible.

  15. Cancellation Policies? Yes. Parties who book (APP only Quests) can receive a full refund when cancelled up to 24 hours after purchase, as long as code has not been activated. Parties who book (Public Group Quests) can receive a full refund only when cancelled 3+ days prior to scheduled Quest. (Private VIP Quest) booking Deposits are non refundable!