Asheville Augmented Reality Quests

10 Broadway Street (Outside Start/Stop Point). Asheville, NC 28801



I am the (Creator, Tour Operator, CEO, and Local Ambadassador) of these Quests, Todd Fox Johnson. A life long Asheville resident who has a background as a Park Ranger /Professional Historian and whose Family has lived here since 1790. These quests culminate 30 years of personal research while allowing myself to find the true history that took place. The largest challenge is in the daily overcoming of near fatal injury sustained falling down a waterfall years ago; in order to run my own business again, be a Father and inspire others with teaching moments.Holding both Forestry and GPS Mapping degrees. Also having been certified through the NC Forest Service as a (Regional Historian and Environmental Educator).

Life is brilliant and fortunately I still have a lot to learn. So I am thrilled to share this compelling true history with those like (you)who want to immerse yourself in Asheville adventure and Quest.

I worked as a Wilderness Park Ranger with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in NC, Pisgah National Forest at Shining Rock Wilderness district in NC, and at Caesar's Head Mountain Bridge Wilderness in SC. Working in diverse areas: archaeology, mapping, wildlife research, fire fighting, ecology, silviculture, geology, hydrology, historical interpretation and more. For many years also running a hiking Guide Service locally.



Asheville, NC has an incredible history. It is nestled in an ancient valley protected by much higher peaks around it and all part of one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, the Appalachians at 1.2 Billion years. Western NC also holds two of only a few temperate rain forests in the US, being some of the most diverse forests on Earth hosting an incredible array of plant and animal life. Native American tribes like the Cherokee and the Shawnee have inhabited the area for over 11,000 years side by side as they say with creatures like the Tsul Kalu the slant eyed giants, and the mooned eyed people who were small and they had a great battle with to drive forever underground. The more modern city of Asheville was established in 1797 at the intersection of two major Native American trading paths that date back into prehistory over 10,000 years ago, where Pack Square is today. We have had Spanish conquistadors Hernando De Soto and Juan Pardo come here as early as 1540 establishing a fort nearby at the modern town of Old Fort, where a Native American settlement known as Jaora was located. We could have so easily been Spanish. Since the 1880's Asheville has become a premier destination for travelers of all kinds from around the world who sought out our famed arts community, renowned healthy living, rollicking good times and the constant opportunities to live life to the fullest. These are all the same reasons people seek us out today with over 11 Million visiting a city of 100,000 residents in 2018. As you can imagine there has been an abundance of documented historically compelling stories for you all to learn more about. 

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